Team Russian Time
The Russian Time team was founded in 2013 and became the first Russian participant in the prestigious GP2 series. The team won the championship in its very first season, scoring five wins and 273 points. 

2014 season became significant for the team and the GP2 series due to the appearance of Russian driver Artem Markelov. The result of the season were 6 podiums and the 5th place in the team standings. With the same drivers. Mitch Evans and Artem Markelov, Russian Time repeated the 5th result in 2015. In the 2016 season Russian Time line-up changed to Raffaele Marcello and Artem Markelov. They got 3rd place in the series and Artem achieved the first victory of the Russian driver in Monaco!

In 2017 Team Russian Time became the Formula 2 Champion with Artem Markelov (Russia) and Luca Giotto (Italy). Artem Markelov got the 2nd place in Formula 2 Drivers standings.

We are pleased to introduce the Russian Time website, where you can find the latest news and information about the drivers, staff and partners of the team, browse Formula 2 photographs and download our press releases and other media material. 

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